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  • SHOCKING! I can’t believe this is where technology is headed ... yet... I can’t feel a strange sense of hope ... if not pride ... in the World of Tomorrow 🙌🏻 #thefutureisbright
  • THE DÖNER! Whether it was the Rhine River water, the hot blondes, or simply basic necessity, the backdrop of Germany provided wayward Turks with the crucible that allowed Döner Kebab to evolve from its humble beginnings into the beloved and vastly celebrated worldwide  phenomenon that it is todayI. It’s like Italians serving up mouth watering New York Pizza versus what I’ve never found in Italy... or Christopher Columbus bringing gluten to the New World. FLOURISH!

#gotgarber #döner #doner #deutschlandTGTG #TGTG
  • Holy Sassafras! Syd better Chilllllll lol
#gotgarber #threenager #sydthekid

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  1. Plastic Bag Ted Garber 4:30
  2. Hula Hoop Girl Ted Garber 3:34
  3. Giving Tree Ted Garber 3:54
  4. Break Me Down Ted Garber 4:06
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