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  • TONIGHT THU 1/11
Monk’s BBQ 
Purcellville, VA | 7pm-10pm

Start your weekend early!
Half-Price On ALL 85 Tequilas!
Special Food Items
Live Music 7-10pm

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  • “YAY!” Sydney shouting out loud from her teepee for Willy Wonka’s swanky somersaulting salutation... like my kid brother, Sydney is obsessed with this film. It’s off beat, yes, but the hero of the story is a young man to be admired—considerate, humble, and kind. He’s loyal to his family, thoughtful, and honest to a fault. Plus, Gene Wilder is completely magical as the charming chocolatier. 
The ONLY irony for me is the song “Pure Imagination,” which,
despite an enchanting original melody, rhymes the word “imagination” with itself four times. How “imaginative.”
  • A little chilly ...
But i found this cool pointy party hat! #gotgarber

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  1. Plastic Bag Ted Garber 4:30
  2. Hula Hoop Girl Ted Garber 3:34
  3. Giving Tree Ted Garber 3:54
  4. Break Me Down Ted Garber 4:06
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